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Hayatını Değiştiren 90 Günlük Bir Planlayıcı

Kendinizi daha organize hissetmek, stresi azaltmak ve başarıya daha kolay ulaşmak için "GalyaPlanner"ı kullanın.


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Plan Your Way to Productive Procrastination

4 Reasons to Embrace GalyaPlanner!

Goal Setting

GalyaPlanner helps you set clear goals and stay focused on achieving them.


Time Management

GalyaPlanner allows you to effectively manage your time, prioritize tasks, and stay organized.


Increased Productivity

By using GalyaPlanner, you can optimize your workflow, reduce procrastination, and boost your productivity.


Motivation & Accountability

GalyaPlanner provides a sense of motivation and accountability by tracking your progress and celebrating achievements along the way.

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Why 90 Days?

Short, Sweet, and Seriously Effective


Tangible Results

Planning for 90 days allows you to set shorter-term, achievable goals. This timeframe provides a sense of urgency and focus, increasing the likelihood of seeing tangible results within a relatively short period.


Planning for 90 days offers flexibility and adaptability. It allows you to adjust your goals and strategies based on changing circumstances or new opportunities that may arise during this timeframe. You can easily pivot, make necessary adjustments, and stay on track towards your objectives.



Planning for a shorter duration like 90 days enhances focus and efficiency. By narrowing your attention to a specific timeframe, you can prioritize tasks, allocate resources effectively, and eliminate distractions. This focused approach leads to increased productivity and greater efficiency in accomplishing your goals.


We care about our customers experience too

Hasan S.

GalyaPlanner completely transformed my life! It helped me set clear goals, manage my time efficiently, and stay motivated. Thanks to GalyaPlanner, I achieved things I never thought possible.

Mark Smith

Google Inc.
I've tried countless planners, but GalyaPlanner is by far the best. Its user-friendly design, goal-tracking features, and motivational prompts kept me on track and made planning enjoyable!

Emily S.

Google Inc.
GalyaPlanner is a game-changer! It helped me organize my hectic schedule and boosted my productivity. Now I have more time for the things I love while still accomplishing my goals.

Vera Duncan

Amazon Inc.
I used to struggle with staying motivated, but GalyaPlanner changed that. Its progress tracking and celebration of achievements kept me motivated throughout my journey. It's an essential tool for success!

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